Monday, January 10, 2005

I love Halloween

killer doll

How great is Halloween? When else could I dress like this in public? I usually start planning my costume in late August/early September. Last year, however, I think I threw this lil gem together a week before the big night. I started a new tradition a few years back of always wearing a wig with my costume. So far I have used blue, brown, and blonde wigs to compliment my costume. I do not yet know what I will be dressing up as next year, but I do know that it will involve a RED wig.
Costume rules:
1.must show cleavage
2.Preferably not store bought (although the killer doll dress was, but the packaging called it “Beer Wench” and I changed it up a bit).
3.must make me want to dance a jig while wearing it

hmmmmmm, I wonder what I could be next year........


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