Friday, July 18, 2014

Woodland Creatures: Part 2

We made it into the "magical forest" and I, the photographer, have befriended these beautiful woodland creatures.
 photo sunlight17_zps278d8ca5.jpg
 photo sunlight18_zpsf5c584fa.jpg
 photo wc21_zpse710b18d.jpg
 photo wc11_zps7f737217.jpg
 photo wc2_zps79607e06.jpg
 photo wc_zpsb320a47d.jpg
 photo wc1_zps08f91618.jpg
 photo wc12_zps94333918.jpg
 photo wc22_zps76510220.jpg
 photo wc3_zpsf00413fb.jpg
 photo wc31_zps2832a363.jpg

Awesome girls, big imagination, some crazy makeup, and a beautiful setting made this an unforgettable afternoon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Woodland Creatures: Part 1

Back in 2012, I gave 2 of my nieces a glam rock makeover.
  photo rock11_zps2c79da63.jpg
Zoe 2012- age 7

 photo rock21-1_zps90bf05ac.jpg
Lily 2012- age 5

 photo rock6_zps41d1c529.jpg
Band name- "My Metal Pony"

The girls came to visit me, again, this summer. They are now 7 and 9. Here we all are with an American flag and a giant spider:
 photo spoder_zps4743cf59.jpg

This year, we threw around a few ideas for a photoshoot. Ghosts, Fairies/Woodland Creatures, aliens, mermaids, etc. We settled on Woodland Creatures as we had been going on multiple hikes during their time with me in Austin. The setting of flowers, rocks, trees, creeks, and dirt inspired thier looks.

Here are a few beauty shots. I'll post the pics of them in the "magical forest" next.

 photo sunlight1_zps9a6f77f0.jpg
 photo sunlight2_zps78285dba.jpg
 photo sunlight3_zps126206cd.jpg
 photo sunlight4_zps4474f18c.jpg

 photo sunlight5_zpsf15156df.jpg
 photo sunlight7_zpsa2f9b3d1.jpg
 photo sunlight8_zpsc33e1247.jpg
 photo sunlight10_zps8fea827c.jpg
 photo sunlight9_zpsb86d0ef3.jpg
 photo sunlight11_zps0553a6ca.jpg

 photo sunlight13_zps141bddcf.jpg

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Honey Wine

We went to the Cedar Park Farmer's Market held in the parking lot of Lakeline Mall this morning. We had burgers, bought a bunch of produce and products, and got a refill of honeywine mead in our growler. Meridian Hive Meadery makes an excellent product. Go to their website to find where you can purchase their goods.

Like I said, the farmer's market is in the parking lot of a mall. I was all out of my moisturizing sunscreen, so I talked Dale into running into Dillard's with me to hit the Lancome counter. (bonus, Lancome is running their special event right now so you get all sorts of goodies if you spend $35 bucks).

As we approached Dillard's, I realized I was not finished with my honeywine. Yes I got a to-go cup when I had my growler filled. Do you think I am some kind of amateur?
 photo honeywine1_zpsbd973a27.jpg

I was not about to gulp my drink down. No way. I wanted to enjoy every sip. So, I took that solo into Dillard's and placed it on the Lancome counter as I did my shopping. The Lancome lady almost knocked it over as she was handing over my free baguette. Yes, you read that correctly. For some reason, Lancome is giving away bread today.

After I completed my purchase, we made our way back through the bags and shoes and exited the building.
 photo honeywine2_zpsf41a487f.jpg

 photo honeywine3_zps8b1ea9f8.jpg

And that is how you do Saturday morning.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


 photo rolling1_zps1678e09a.jpg
 photo rolling2_zps693c235f.jpg

I don't really know what to say about these pictures. I just know that I wanted to share them with you. The dogs really enjoy walking early in the morning, and at dusk. The temps are cooler and the critters (frogs, worms, etc) come out at dusk. At dawn, Charlie enjoys finding frogs that are dead and flat (I assume they were run over) and eating them. It's pretty terrifying.  Cooper prefers dead, dried worms he finds on the sidewalk.  In these pics, the dogs are rolling around in the grass. Well, Charlie is in the grass. It looks like Cooper is in a patch of dirt and dead leaves. Remind me to bathe those mongrels.

These pictures were taken as the sun was setting.

 photo sun_zps3cd29d32.jpg

Why yes, that is a walking stick. I bought that beauty at a little shop in Wimberly, Tx that sold everything from Kendra Scott earrings to boot scrapers. 

We were in the field by my house, which was great because we don't always have the opportunity to frolic in that area as it is often occupied by other dogs and their owners. Off leash dogs. Charlie does not play well with others so unless the lot is empty, we have to move on.

The lot is really beautiful, especially at sunset
 photo sun1_zps1b47a7f6.jpg
 photo sun2_zps56db7f0e.jpg
There are patches of wildflowers growing here and there. Each year, there seems to be a different variety.
 photo flowers1_zps5e8d793f.jpg

 photo flowers2_zpsa39bde45.jpg
Saving these for the next dead animal I find.

I need to time our walks to where we are always in the field to watch the sunset. You can never see enough sunsets.
 photo set1_zpsc2816b8f.jpg
 photo set_zps51941db9.jpg
 That is all.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

More Dead Things

Two days after I posted about the dead squirrel and Emma Kisiel's photography, I came upon another dead creature. I was on my afternoon walk and everything was beautiful and BOOM! Dead little bird on my path.

So little.
So fragile.
So covered in ants.
So dead.

I plucked some blossoms off a nearby bush and made a memorial.

Can you imagine what people think when they find this?

 photo bird_zps269a93fe.jpg

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dead Things

I was walking down a street in my neighborhood when I came upon a dead squirrel. It's body was laid out in a way to which half of it (bottom half) was on the sidewalk and the half on the ground. No blood, no guts, no smell. This squirrel had recently passed.

I stood there looking down at it for a while. The squirrels' eyes were halfway closed as if it were sleepy. One hand (paw?) was palm down on the ground and the other was tucked under it's chest. The squirrel's tail was long and spread out on the pavement...the fur moving with the breeze.

I remembered coming across a series of photographs by Emma Kisiel called At Rest in which she creates and photographs  a serene memorial by encircling roadkill with rocks and flowers.
Here is one of her creations:
 photo roadkill1_mini_zpsf5cdf790.jpg
Emma Kisiel (Source)

I looked around and saw a bunch of wildflowers in the open lot adjacent to where I was standing.  Quickly, I picked a few of each color available. I went back to the squirrel and basically just tossed the flowers here and there. I didn't take the time to pull the blossoms from the stems and arrange them in a beautiful circle with little rocks. This is because I was afraid somebody would see me if I didn't hurry up and think I was the neighborhood weirdo (if they don't already). Also, I was a little afraid of getting too close to Mr. Squirrel. Not because of germs and diseases but because I had the irrational thought that he might come back to life and attack me.

 photo f0aafa50-46a1-4e65-bccb-90b9f0e32552_zpsf155f452.jpg
 photo squirrel2_zps7bb11b61.jpg

This happened yesterday. This morning, I went back to the death spot to see if the squirrel was still there. No squirrel, no flowers, no nothing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

0.7 Miles

I've been using my fitbit for 2 months now and I'm still in love. It really works for me!  A while back, I tweaked my lower back a little. Not enough to keep me in bed all day, but I knew I had to take it easy for a day or two so that my back wouldn't go all the way out. I pretty much just hung around the house, watched tv, did a little bit of light housework, etc. Activity wise, It was close to how a typical Saturday might look like before the fitbit. Here is what my fitbit tracked for that day:
 photo June1_zps83658f76.jpg
Pretty pathetic.

Now, this is a screenshot of an average day since I have been using my fitbit:
 photo June2_zps12c83153.jpg

Big difference. HUGE.
This really made me see how inactive I used to be. All of my "activities" involved me just sitting there ( reading, playing around online, playing guitar, watching tv, taking long baths, taking a short naps, and eating).
I've lost weight, I feel stronger, and I have less neck/back pain. : )

My  fitbit experience isn't all positive. I feel like the band is a shackle sometimes and that I have no choice but to meet my steps goal. One time, I walked around the neighborhood after drinking a few (*cough* three *cough*) glasses of wine because I had to meet the damn goal!
I drunk walked two miles!
I've found out what a "deep blister is" from personal experience and my two fitbit walking buddies both had ankle problems from walking too much in the wrong footwear. Flats are not your friends. I love my Toms but they offer zero arch support.

In other news:
I got the best new Betsy Johnson Sunglasses.
 photo June_zpsdc66a5e5.jpg
That is all.