Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Time ain't on my side


I got ready for the first day of my last undergrad semester at UT this morning. I did not have class until 12:30, so I was not in a rush. I got up, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and did some laundry. I also took a shower and got dressed (I guess I did not have to mention that). So, at 11:45 I went down the steps to find that my truck was not in the garage. My husband took it, because he is use to doing so on Tuesdays and Thursdays for work reasons. Any-hoo, I no longer need him to do that….but I guess he did not realize this. “No problem”, I thought, “I’ll take his truck”. I gathered my crap and walked over to his truck only to realize that My key to his truck was in my truck which was at his work. “SON OF A BITCH”! I called him, frantically dialing the number………..no answer. I called again, and again, and again……….no answer “MOTHER FU***R”! I called my friendly neighbor Colin, hoping that he could take me to the bus stop………….no answer “DAMN IT ALL TO HELL”!!!!
Finally, the husband called and then came to my rescue. Yes, I was 3 min late to my first class of my first day of my last semester as a UT undergrad. The class was sign language, so I had to explain to the teacher (in sign language) what had happened. It was all good, considering I almost had a mini stroke on the way up to campus.


Blogger Sarah Hannaman said...

oh no!!! and after all the trouble you went through trying to get that class, too! I'm glad your prof understood... we will have to do lunch sometime, but not in the next two weeks due to my South Beach regiment... it was so hard today finding out that Texadelphia is half-off everything until 9 p.m. tonight, but so it goes... I've lost 5 lbs in 2 days-- that's all I need to remember.

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