Monday, July 11, 2005

Cuddle Buddy


My friend Clint, his brother Curt, and myself ventured to the Midland/Odessa area for a wedding this past 3rd of July. The entire trip down there, I teased Curt that I would cuddle with him. Curt views me as his Brothers friend and wants little to do with me…especially if it involves cuddling. In school, he used to tease me by calling me (and telling people) that I was a witch. At times I think that I may make him uncomfortable. Perhaps he does not quite understand the unique relationship his brother and I share. Maybe the fact that when I visit, I still sleep in the same bed as Clint ( as I have been doing since the 9th grade) strikes him as odd. Perhaps he finds us strange due to the fact that he once spied on us as we danced if front of the tv trying over and over again to master the choreography that was so wonderfully displayed in the “If” video by Janet Jackson. Whatever it is, Curt does not want me as a cuddle buddy.
The wedding came and went and after several beers we made it back to the Best Western.
I waited, and waited until he finally fell asleep. I told Clint to grab the camera as I crawled next to Curt. With Clint in position to snap the perfect shot, I formed my body into the spoon position next to him.

And then, due to my giggles, he woke up and muttered something along the lines of “nnnnnnnnooooooo….don’t bother me”
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This caused me to laugh even more. I left him to sleep alone in his bed before his anger could develop into rage and crawled into bed with his brother where I was welcome. Clint and I then ate some cheese nips, hot fries, and baked cheetos before calling it a night.
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Clint and I in bed.


Blogger Sweet Pea said...

ok, so the first two pictures I thought, cute is that guy?!!? And then I scrolled down...yikes! jk

3:09 PM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

ha ha, the guy in the last pic is not the same guy that is in the first.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Sweet Pea said...

Whew! What a relief!!!!

7:08 PM  

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