Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lubbock or Leave it

Clint has peacocks!

Friday, I will be leaving for Lubbock. I am officially going for Danny’s late b-day bash.(you know danny)
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But, while I am there Dale and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary (May 22nd). Aslo, on the 21st, the graduation ceremony at UT will be happening and I will not be there for it. I’ll walk when I have my masters. No need to do it twice.

Dale and I are going together, but he will return this coming Monday and I will not. I will be staying with my friend CLINT and we will be doing some of this:
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And if I am lucky, maybe I will see him do some of this:
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I also plan on visiting my lil sis and her baby. Clint and I can take the kid for the day and pretend that we are a family:
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Hopefully, I will be able to update my blog with a “while in Lubbock” post. If not, I am sure the trip will provide me with a few stories that I can tell you when I get back. So stay tuned!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Multiple photos! You are getting good at this! Have a GREAT time in L-Town and give a shout out to all my peeps there! =) Rach

7:42 AM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

Why thank you! When I am in Lubbock, I'll swing by Skooners and reminisce about how you use to work there. I hope they still have dollar Skooners (you know they do, but it is probably only for coors light, bud light, or miller light).

9:47 AM  

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