Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jeff Ramone

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I do not currently have any new pics to post so I decided to throw this classic up on the ol blog.
Yes, yall, it’s J3 (Jeff).
HE looks like he is about to open for the Rolling Stones.

In other news:
1. I am freaking tired. I have forgotten, during my short break, what it was like to wake up at 5:45 in the morning. School is back in session and I am not too happy about it. Most of my break was spent lying in bed nursing my damned abscessed tooth. I did get to spend a short period of time in Lubbock though. That was nice.

2. I am quitting smoking…..again. This time, it better stick. This morning, I had a smoke when I got to school. I threw the remainder of the pack away in a trash can outside of my building. It was a ceremonial act that declared “I HAVE QUIT THIS VILE HABBIT”! Two hours later, I fished that pack out of the trash. I felt like that red head on sex in the city when she ate the chocolate cake out of the trash. After holding the pack for 2 minutes, I threw it away again. I have a problem.

3. I fed a squirrel part of my chocolate chip cookie today. It was on the ground, a safe distance away from me, looking at me with those big squirrel eyes. I could not resist throwing the lil rascal some of the yumminess. He/she looked really cute eating it. After I gave this rat with a fuzzy tail part of my yummy treat (Einstein’s bagels has the best CC cookies), I went back to reading some school crap. The damned creature nearly made me piss myself when it decided that it needed more of the dessert therefore leaping onto my table landing 1 inch away from my body. I shot up from my chair faster than you can say “rabies shot” and let the little shit have the rest of my cookie num num. Fucker had balls, yall.

4. I don’t have anything else to tell you. I gotta go defrost some chicken or something and then get back to preparing for tomorrow.


Blogger j3 said...

crap, that's awesome on so many unmentionable levels.

makes me wish i really had hair.

how sad.

thanks for bringing so much sadness to my life.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Sassypants said...

Please stop being solemn...you're always such an inspiration to me to be somewhat pleasant when I feel like total ass!

10:31 AM  

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