Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Filing and Phones? Finished.

Blogtember 10th- "Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn."

I never really thought I would go to college. It was not discussed in my family. My folks did not press me to study for the SAT test. They did not tell me to search for scholarships. I was an A/B student and I enjoyed learning, but college just seemed like a brass ring I could not grab.

No…that’s not right. I just never thought it was an option. I did not know how to go to college. How would I pay tuition? How would I get there? I had no car…we (family) had no money. My older siblings did not go to college after graduation. I had no immediate example. 

All of my friends were taking the SAT and were upset when they found out I did not plan on taking the test.  I asked them, "Why should I take the test? I'm not applying to college." They talked me into doing it anyway. I guess a small part of me thought there might be a tiny possibility for college in my future. 

I took the test and did pretty well. And then I got two scholarships (one for acting and one for broadcasting school). Both scholarships were for the junior collage but what the heck? I didn’t even apply for the scholarships. Seemed like a sign to give college a try.

I tried junior college and I withdrew early in my sophomore year. It was easy and boring and not for me. I was a mass communications major but I already had a full time job in radio. No degree necessary. 

The years went by and I  lost my radio job. Oops. 
I could not find my way back to school. No car. No money. No understanding of how to do anything. I would go with my friends to coffee shops and watch them study for their college classes.  I was never sad about not being in school, I just did not think it was in the stars for me.
I had co-workers tell me to go back to school.
Friends would tell me I should go back.
Family never mentioned it.

I eventually ended up in Austin….tagging along with Dale after he graduated from Texas Tech. He was starting his new career and I found a job in an office. I did administrative work, mostly and it just about killed me. It was so easy but so meaningless. 

One day, in between phone calls and filling, I pushed myself away from my desk as I realized that I would be stuck in administrative work for the rest of my life!!!
…unless I went back to school.
THIS WAS MY TURNING POINT! I knew I had to change my life somehow. I knew there was something else I should be doing. I knew it so much it burned in my chest. (or maybe that was acid reflux).

So I started at Austin Community College and began plugging through my night classes (I still had to work for a living). It was a little depressing because I knew it would take me a very long time to graduate if I took only 6 hours a semester. 

Still, I plugged along.

Then, I found out my older sister had a full scholarship to a private university in San Antonio. My father was affiliated with the school and they allowed family to go for free as an employee benefit. I had no idea!

What. The. Fuck.

Ain’t nobody calling me telling me about no scholarship!!!!

I worked it out with my dad and the university and began going to school full time. My sister let me stay with her during the week and I lived in Austin during the weekends. I loaded up on classes and was thrilled with myself! I chose Communication Sciences and Disorders as my major and planned on getting my Master's in Speech Language Pathology.  I didn't care that I was tacking on an extra 2 years for grad school? School was free! FREE!

And then, my father lost his job. 


School was no longer free. I had the fever though and was not going to give up. My eye was on the prize.
I obtained a loan and finished one more semester before transferring to The University of Texas. Loans and Grants kept me going throughout my time at UT.  I never took a semester off. I never dropped a class. I went to school like it was my job. Dale is convinced that the position in which I studied caused my neck problems. 

I graduated with my Master's in 2007.
 photo 7up_zpsd62c5912.jpg

My mom later told me (after I got my masters degree) she was sorry she never encouraged me to go to school. She said that she was happy being married and raising children and thought that that would be the way to happiness for me as well.

Is it ok if I have both?


Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

Woah! This was my 800th post! Dang!

3:58 PM  
Blogger Miss Bee said...

There is so much in this post - fitting that it was a milestone! I remember how hard you worked and all the sacrifices you (and Dale) made. It was definitely worth it!

5:20 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Thank God you took the road you eventually did. I can't imagine how much of a blessing you are to the people you work with every day!

6:23 PM  

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