Friday, June 09, 2006

Hot dogs for hungry dogs

At the end of the spring semester, I was walking along the drag when I came upon this box of hot dogs sitting on the street corner.

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“How odd”, I thought as I took my trusty camera from my bag to snap a pic of this anomaly.

I took two quick pics of the box-o-dogs and went on my merry way. Later, when I was showing friends the picture, I discovered that someone had also taped a hotdog and what looks like a fried burrito to the street light. See:

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What is going on here?

I think the drag rats (the bums that roam the drag) did this. Maybe they wanted to leave some food for stray dogs, even though there are no stray dogs stupid enough to roam the drag. There is, if you will notice, a chunk taken from the hot dog on the street light.

(Funny, both times I tried to type “street light” I have typed “streeght lite”. )

Anyways, join me in pondering the purpose of these abandoned hot dogs.


Blogger Tracy Fennell said...

An offering to the gods?

11:49 PM  

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