Monday, May 04, 2009

I was not expecting that


Last week, I went to my friendly neighborhood Starbucks for my morning fix. I am one of those people that the staff know by name. They begin making my drink the moment I walk in the door as they have my order down by heart. I know their names as well, though I don't really chat with them. I'm all about business. Must get the coffee and get to work. On this particular day, I decided to sleep in a little, which is cool because I knew I would still get to work on time. Typically, I show up about an hour early.

Any-hoo, when I arrived on this day my regular barista was not at the station. Instead, he was outside having a smoke break. I waved hello and walked in to get my yum yum go-go juice. Let me describe to you this barista man. He is a big burly fella, probably in his early 30's, with long hair and full beard. He is usually all about business himself. The only thing he has ever really said to me has been "Getting your usual?" or "Sarah, your drink is ready."

As I walked out of Starbucks, Barista man was still smoking. For some reason, he decided to strike up a conversation. This is what was said:

Barista: "Hey Sarah"

Me: "Hi"

Barista: What do you do....for a living...for work?"

*Side Note-I am always ready for people to say "what" while cupping their ear after I tell them what I do and where I work. They think they are the first person to make a joke that they can't hear. If they don't say "what" they will say something like, "oh, so do you know sign language?" Or "what is a speech language pathologist?"

Me: "I am a speech pathologist at the Texas School for the Deaf."
(I ready myself for the typical reply)

Barista: "That's hot."

Me: *blink...blink.

At this point, I did not know what to say. I was thinking, "Did this grown ass mountain man just quote Paris Hilton?" Yes, yes he did.

It was quite obvious that Barista Man wanted to take back his silly phrase the moment he said it. I think I saw his face twitch. After an awkward pause, he quickly asked me about volunteer work and told me about his experience with special needs kids. He really is a nice guy, but man did that catch me off guard. I was a little embarrassed for him to be quite honest.

In other news:
My dad was in a wreck today while driving to work. Some dude pulled out in front of him causing my dad to crash into the side of his car. The air bag deployed and took a few layers of the skin off my dad's hand. His car had to be towed. My sister happened to be driving down the road right after the accident and was able to stop and help out. She asked him what he wanted to do know, like maybe go to the doctor. What did he do next? He went to work. Yeah.

Upon his arrival, they promptly sent him and his skinned hand home. My sister said it looked like four layers of skin had been sheared off. Ew. That makes me hurt just thinking about it.

I guess I can't say much seeing how I tried to attend classes during grad school while suffering from walking pneumonia. I could not talk without coughing. I could not walk without feeling like I was going to pass out but by golly, I had classes to attend! They sent me home as well.

I have also gone to work after being in a wreck that resulted in me having to wear giant neck brace. My Doctor told me to take take a few weeks off. Pshaw....a neck brace could not stop me from the all important filing and answering of phones....or so I thought. My employers took one look and me and sent my ass home.

I have no problem calling in sick if I have a fever. I would not want to give anybody my illness if I am contagious.

We need to learn to take better care of ourselves. Sheesh.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

Oh no, I'm glad your dad is okay. Didn't he go back to work right after heart surgery too? That man is one tough cookie.

And it is unfortunate that your relationship with your barista will never quite be the same. That air of awkwardness will always be there, looming in the distance. At least the coffee will still be there.

6:50 PM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

He did go back way early after his heart surgery. Jeeze! And, the seatbelt pulled across his chest during the accident. He says his chest is a little tender. I wish he would go to the Dr. to check that out. DAD IF YOU ARE READING THIS I AM DROPPING A HINT!

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

yes I went back to work....that's hot!!!!
I was fine!
I was not sore when I woke up this AM either. Just some antibiotic cream on my hand and I;m good to go
thanks, "Miss Bee" for your concern, you're a good god-daughter!

4:07 PM  
Anonymous dad said...

i just read your comment sarah
the tender area is gone
all is ok

4:08 PM  
Blogger M--- said...

I think your dad and my dad were built from similar programs. My dad drove himself to the hospital WHILE he was HAVING A HEART ATTACK! WTF?!? Sorry, I just abbreviated profanity on your blog comments.

10:28 AM  

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