Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vintage Sarah

This was the Christmas card that I sent out this year. I thought it was somewhat unique, and it made me laugh, so I purchased four dozen.

This is what my work area looks like while I am working on my Christmas cards:

A year or two ago, I found out about the site Basically, you upload a picture of yourself and the magic of the website will place your face in a vintage yearbook photo. I had a ton of fun making myself into a dude from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Heck, I think I even had a 90s male version of myself. I did a few as a vintage female, but the vintage male Sarah was funnier. Any-hoo, I guess I thought these pictures were REALLY funny because I printed out a crap-load of them (and then put them away and forgot about them). Just before I began to write my Christmas cards, I found the pictures in my box of photos. Seeing as how karma most certainly stepped in, I had no other choice but to send the photos out in the 2010 Christmas cards.

Not everybody got a "vintage Sarah" Christmas card. Some people got other random photos, some people got original drawings and doodles, and some people got stickers and silver confetti stars. I don't think I sent out the one of me in the blond wig seen in the second picture posted. It just seemed out of place. Ha!

Here is a card I sent out that had a picture of my buddy Josh dressed up as Che Guevara:

Though I love it so, I think I am going to cut my list down next year. 48 cards (actually, more like 58...I ran out of cards and had to buy some more) is a lot of work and a lot of postage. I almost gave myself carpal tunnel syndrome.

In Other News:
I just found out that my surgery took waaaaaaaaaay longer than expected. Not exactly sure why. Something about they had to position me a certain way and that took forever and then the actual surgery took a long time as they had to dilate the muscles and dissect through tissue and what not. Everybody's anatomy is different and blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I was under for a long time. About four hours for a surgery that was supposed to take two hours. DANG!

Yesterday, I went to my sister-in-law's house for the family Christmas gathering. I shuffled my way up to her front door with my husband by my side. He opened the door, went through, and then I took a step inside. Unfortunately, I did not know there was a tiny step up (I can't look down) and I miscalculated how high I needed to lift my foot resulting in me tripping. A jolt of pain went through my body and I said "I really am falling!" or something like that. Thankfully, Dale and his father were right in front of me and managed to catch me. I cried. 90% of the tears were from pain and 10% were from embarrassment.

It could have been much worse and I am thankful it wasn't. I brushed my tears away, sat on the comfy couch amongst family and had the best mashed potatoes I have ever tasted in my entire life!


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

I got the carpal tunnel from cards too - which is why I switched to the cheesy photo card for family and rather generic messages for everyone else.

I think you should continue with your awesome cards and just start on them in September or something.

6:34 PM  

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