Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Suuuuuuuun Shinning, Radiate Your Mind...

The title of this post was taken from the opening lyric to the Hacienda song, "Sun." One of my favorites of theirs, especially live. 


We are having beautiful weather here in Austin, TX. My dogs love to sun themselves out on the back deck. Cooper, who recently had his second spinal surgery, is not allowed to attempt to walk on his own yet so I have to carry him around everywhere I go. When we are not home, he is crated. Every day, if the sun is out, I take him on the back deck for his sunshine treatment.



In Other News:
My doctor is now talking about having me undergo radio frequency nerve ablation. What is that, you might ask? I'll tell you.
Here is a bit of info taken from this site:

Like facet joint injections, RFN is done with x-ray guidance. IV medicines and local anesthetics are used to decrease pain of treatment. Specially-designed insulated needles are placed near or on the facet joint nerves. The RFN needle has a special tip that is not insulated and heats up. The area is numbed and the needle is attached to the RFN machine. The heat produced at the tip destroys the nerve's ability to transmit pain. It takes 8--90 seconds to heat and damage the nerve.  Each nerve is heated at more than one site to increase the chances of getting a complete lesion.  

They want me to go through another round of facet joint injections as a diagnostic procedure required by insurance. This procedure was very painful the last time I had it done. So painful that I spent 4 days in bed cursing the world and promising that I would never have it done again. Now, they want me to do it again followed by another, more painful procedure. The biggest problem I have with this procedure is that the nerves they destroy grow back and can cause just as much pain as they caused before. So the relief, if any, is temporary. I don't think I am going to go through with this. If I do, it wont be for a while. I need time to forget how much the facet joint injections hurt.

I hope to get into a yoga class soon. Hope that will help.....I'd rather stretch and breath and bend and move than have my nerves burned off. Yikes!


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