Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How very Shocking!

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QUICK, lemme show you some more 80’s party pics before I start studying for a test I have this Thursday.
The above pic is of Colin, Myself, and Wyatt playing a little game called “Lightning Reaction”.
“Here's the game plan.

Start by removing a futuristic joy stick from the base. Hit the center dome and a red light will start flashing, suspenseful music will be playing and then get ready to be a Quick Draw McGraw.
When the dome turns green you need to press your joy sticks red button. The last player to do so will get SHOCKED!!

However careful of premature pressing by doing so before the dome changes from red to green means you lose and get SHOCKED!!
The game experience is one that is down right nerve racking and may I say electrifying!!”
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The stern look of anticipation is evident on all of our faces. I am clenching my fake nail donned fingers (fake nails only for the costume) into a tight fist as I wait for the dammned light to change from red to green.

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WYATT GETS SHOCKED, SUCKA! Remember children, always point and laugh at those who have just experienced physical pain.
Time for round two……….
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HAHAHA! MoFo Colin tasted the burn of the lightning kiss! I raise a clenched fist in victory!


Blogger Sweet Pea said...

I must say...Margaret and I agreed...no matter the peer presure we would resist! What happened Margaret?!?!?!? We made a pact! Like one of those BFF thingies...you just don't go back. :)

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trish, maybe you should have exchanged friendship bracelets with Margaret before you made your little pact! :) I must admit, the shocker got me and it was not pleasant. But it is one of those addictive things, so I'm sure I will be tempted by the silver claw again one of these days...Rach

1:43 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

My favorite is the "many faces of Stephanie" in the background of the pictures until the last one where it looks like Dale ate her.



10:19 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

OHHH Ha ha ha!!

In the last one, you can see me sitting on the cooler gaurding the evil jello shots....

Hey Rach, Guess what time it is??


10:20 AM  

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