Thursday, September 29, 2005

ACL part Two

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More Keys Please

Picking up where we left off….
Dale, Lee, Danny, Colin, Laurie, Clint, and Myself were enjoying a masterful performance by the Black Keys. Dale discovered the Keys a while back by catching one of their video's on the Austin Music Network. He promptly went out and bought their cd's. Upon listening to their albums, I fell in love with their murky grooves but did not go to their show’s like Dale did. Why? Because it takes A LOT to get me to go to a show these days. There for a while, almost every show I went to was disappointing. I became calloused and turned a cold shoulder against live music. I am happy to report that the Black Keys at ACL rejuvenated my music loving soul!
I am about to say something that some of you may scoff at. Are you ready?
I enjoyed the Black Keys more than Coldplay.
It may have been because I was much closer to the stage for the Keys. It may be that their music made me dance (one of my criteria for good live music). I don’t know what it was, but it is what it is. Dig?
-Back to the story-
Colin, Laurie, Clint, and I took off in the middle of the Key’s set to go sit and wait for Coldplay to come on. We sat down in a high traffic area. People were constantly walking around us...very anoying. Clint fixed this problem by standing in the high traffic area and creating some kind of magical force field.
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See, the people stopped walking by once Clint stood there. Strange. Colin looked a little freaked out (although I happen to know that he thought it was funny).

Let me take a moment to tell you about the port-a-potties. During the day, I could look at the seat to see if it was “clean” or not. Like almost every gal I know, I NEVER sit directly on the port-a-potty seat. Still, you want to know what you are hovering over incase you fell (ewwwwwwwww, or maybe you don't ). At night, I could not see the port-a-potty seat without the assistance of my camera flash. I ended up taking a really gross picture of the nasty potty, but I deleted it. I would never show you something like that!
This one is ok to show
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Ugh, Women everywhere feel my pain when it comes to the absolute nastiness of the port-a-potty. SO gross.

After my bathroom break, I had to get back to Colin, Laurie, and Clint. As I entered the crowd once again I thought “How do I find them? Oh, that’s right…they are by that water tent. But wait, I can't really see the water tent. Jeeze, it is too bad that we don’t have a really cool Mexican Puppet thingy on a stick that could be seen from far away to mark our location”.
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Somebody beat me to it.
Check back for ACL part three (soon to come)


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