Thursday, February 08, 2007

cats and cameras

Today, I was looking everywhere for some damn fingernail polish remover. I never found any, but I did find my CAMERA!!!!

It was in a drawer in my bathroom. I was surprised to see it there amongst a plastic freezer bag, some old brushes, a broken curling iron, and some safety pins. During my cabin fever mode, brought on by the ice storm, I must have placed it there for safe keeping.

I told you, I might be going crazy.

However, the following pictures are not from my beloved camera. Bean took these. Behold, Dale the cat whisperer!
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Here we see Dale and Lanie, Bean’s cat. Dale has a way with the animals. Lanie, as Bean will tell you, is quite finicky when it comes to letting people handle her.

Though she quickly succumbed to the Cat Whisperer as he trained her to walk a board propped up on Bean and Colin’s back fence.

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The proof is in the pic. Thanks for sending these my way, Bean-o-licious. AKA Laurie, AKA Lbo, AKA monkey.

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Anonymous Laurie said...

You failed to point out that said random board in the backyard is actually holding up a 6 foot section of fence.

Oh the joys of homeownership! Yippee!!

4:10 PM  

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