Thursday, March 08, 2007

Memories of J3

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J3 is celebrating his 30th b-day, so I thought I would celebrate him by sharing with you some memories…

I met J3 at a coffee shop the same night I met my husband and Danny. While I thought Danny was a little strange, (he was wearing giant farmer Joe overalls) and Dale was adorkable (he was wearing socks with sandals), I thought J3 was hipster cool.

Not hipster by today’s standards. No, he was not wearing skinny jeans and eyeliner. I don’t remember what he was wearing, but I thought he was unique. I still do.

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Eventually, the family of friends formed consisting of J3 (aka, “shakes”—after Shakespeare-), Dale (aka, “Duke”), Danny (aka fifty cents –b/c he is half Mexican and half White), Clint (aka, “Clintus eroticus perverticus americus), Mike (aka, “itch”), Lee (aka, “Leeangelo angel of death Martinez) and myself (aka, “sister sarah”).

What a time we had, together.

Any-hoo, more memories of J3:


-J3 yelling violently while vomiting

-J3eating chips while watching (I think it was Danny) throw up

-J3 driving me home from a countless amount of parties because my boyfriend (not dale) had taken off, leaving me without a ride.

- listening to Jazz with J3 on the way home from some cheesy night club

- sitting on the roof-top of the radio station I worked at w/ J3 while discussing the fact that my boyfriend at the time wanted to marry me and how it freaked me out

- J3 breaking a microphone at the radio station I worked at while doing his best Mick Jagger impersonation

- J3 fixing that microphone

- J3 dancing next to me as I sang Karaoke for the first time. We dubbed him “Jeff the dancing ball of flame”)

-Speaking of dancing, I remember how J3 would dance by himself while enjoying a live band. He owned the floor, yall

- the night J3 and his lovely wife started dating (Halloween)

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(taken from therootdown)

- watching wrestling with J3 and Danny every Monday night (Nitro, yall)

- going to see ZZ top with J3. (J3, remember that Psycho listener that licked my hand?)

- cussing like a sailor on J3’s answering machine. His mom heard it. Ooops.

- watching J3 read a poem at an open mic event at some coffe house. The poem was “Jeff is a music Junkie”.

- the time Maria cornered J3 at a party and planted a big kiss right on his kisser, much to his shock

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- sitting on Dale’s porch and singing a J3/Sarah original: “don’t go down there (the ground is sour)

- J3 bringing down the house a countless amount of times doing his karaoke version of any Led Zeppelin song

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- Ah, the J3 ski extravaganza….J3 in his green long johns, thus earning the name “the green goblin”

green goblin

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- Watching J3 watch his soon to be wife coming down the isle at their wedding. A smile stretched across his face and his eyes filled with tears of happiness.

- the shake face

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Mostly, when I think of J3, I remember how he makes me laugh until my belly aches. He also makes the frequency of whick I say the word "dude" increase by atleast 75%.

I love ya, bro. Happy 30th!!!!


Blogger j3 said...

aw shucks...i got my own post on sarahenity...

i feel quite honored.

oh yeah, ya boy ain't a smoker after these last two in the packs.

yep, bring on the WEIGHT!

9:19 PM  
Blogger j3 said...

oh, and those were quite memories...

had forgotten about breaking that damned microphone.

i think that remains the last time i did a mick jagger impersonation.

i'm onto james brown now. we'll all get together and i'll play james brown records and we can dance in our dress socks.

thanks again, this is quite special.

9:20 PM  

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