Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Endorsement

Larry and Dale were trimming the trees in our front yard today.

You remember Larry:

I went outside to chat with them for a bit when I noticed this 20 something fellow approaching us. I was already annoyed because I thought he was selling something. I had nothing to worry about.
The following is an actual account of what happened, and why Larry makes me laugh.

20 something guy: “Hi, are ya’ll voting for Ron Paul?”

Larry: (In a matter of fact, slow, thick, Texas twang accent…which is his normal accent. i.e., he pronounces “sauce” as “saaawz”) “Ron Paul is a true American”
"Thanks for the endorsement, Lar-dog!"

The 20 something guy said nothing else. He just smiled and walked away, taking his clip board full of literature with him. WOW! Usually, these guys stick around so that they can make you sign petitions or ask you to spread the word with their provided literature. Not today, friends….not on Larry’s watch.

After witnessing what just happened, I asked Larry if what had just happened infact happened. He said “Yeah.” I laughed and told him I had to blog it. He asked me why, and I told him that it was funny. It was very “Larry” of him. He looked confused and I explained that he would not think it was funny because he WAS “Larry.” He might not know that the typical person does not necessarily have the power to make another person leave without saying a word. The 20 something did not even ask Dale or I if we agreed with Larry. Once again, Larry’s “magical white guy” power surfaced leaving Dale and I amazed.

P.S., I asked Dale about the missing shirt cuff, last night. He would not tell me what happened. I’ll keep trying.


Blogger j3 said...

i want answers on the missing cuff. i'm betting it involved a pit bull.

7:59 PM  

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