Friday, June 17, 2011


I love my iPad 2. I am always looking for the best apps that I can use with my students. I'm telling you, every speech language pathologist should have one of these bad boys. It will change the way you prepare for a session. I only wish they had these back when I was in grad school. I could have saved so much time! See, back in 2007, we had to make many of our therapy materials. It took a lot of time that could have been used for studying drinking beer.

Ah, technology...enabling college students more time to drink on a daily basis.

Here is my blooper shot:
I accidentally hit the screen and brought up my thumbnails.
Also, the framing is all wrong.

In other news:
I am in pain RIGHT NOW but my appointment with my doctor is not until Tuesday. Ice packs, don't fail me now.
Stupid steroid shot wore off....quite some time ago. I don't know if I want another one seeing as how the first one was so short lived. I read that having too many in a short period of time can actually damage the structures you are trying to fix. Great.

I saw Super 8 and loved it! It's a must see on the big screen. Very entertaining....all that you want in a summer blockbuster. I want to adopt the pyro kid with the braces and the overbite.

I purchased True Blood Season 3. We are going to have a marathon watching party up in here! The party consists of myself, my husband, and my dogs. They love Sookie.


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