Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bad Angle

If I ever became famous, I would demand that the photographers never shoot me from this angle:
Where does my neck end and my chin begin???

When you are home during summer break (because everybody works at a school, right?) do you get bored and message pictures of yourself to your husband of yourself suggestively eating a vegan chicken nugget?
Neither do I.

What about when your husband is in another room of the house and he (jokingly) yells some insult at you send him a picture like this?
Neither do I.

Bonus photo:
I took a picture of a picture of my dog.

The end.


Blogger Miss Bee said...

Ha! I'm loving this glimpse into your photos! I don't know if I even have one of myself. If I do, I certainly don't have one taken from beneath my chin(s)....... ((((shudder)))))

6:40 PM  

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