Tuesday, January 07, 2014


For several years now, I have gotten very...um....creative(?) with my Christmas cards. When the mood strikes, I pull out all of my markers, confetti, stickers, photographs, pens, pencils, glue. shape punches, scissors, and whatever else I find fitting for a good card. I spend quite a bit of time on everybody's card. Some people get an elaborate letter and  a drawing, some get a nice note, some get pencil shavings and a poem. It just depends on my mood at the time and who the card is going to. If I don't think you will "get me", you get a regular nice note. If I know you relish the weirdness I bring, I bring it. This year, I did not send out cards to all of the people I normally do. My computer screen was broken so I could not pull up all of my addresses. So, if you read this and you did not get a card I apologize. I'll get ya next year.

I did take pictures of some of the cards I sent. Check them out:
Here is the first one I completed. It went to Amy, Will, and their new baby Jack:
 photo IMG_5855_zpsf2e53ffd.jpg

That multi-colored odd ball inspired several of the cards that followed:
 photo IMG_5921_zps83dbaa1a.jpg

 photo IMG_5864_zpsab9baa35.jpg

 photo IMG_5862_zps5d97008f.jpg

I had some cards that opened by lifting the flap up instead of to the side (book style) which inspired this dude, Big Mouth Bob:
 photo IMG_5861_zps61939eb8.jpg

Then I had a few stickers that said "Warm Blessing" which made me think of puke so I made the odd ball puke...
 photo IMG_5859_zps6b56fab4.jpg

Then I got involved heavily in spiders;
 photo IMG_5956_zps3b55751f.jpg

And facial hair:
 photo IMG_5955_zpsf73e8ea6.jpg

And drag monsters:
 photo IMG_5954_zps8f2946ae.jpg

And back to odd-ball scary guy:
 photo IMG_5923_zps72443f3f.jpg

And Krampus for my buddy that likes Krampus:
 photo IMG_5922_zpsa1dd374d.jpg

So yeah....there's that.


Blogger Miss Bee said...

Getting a card from you is like a special present. Scary in a way, since you never know what you're gonna get, but so exciting! Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into them!

9:08 PM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

I loved the dachshund you drew on my card this year, Rachel!
The card I sent you was not as crazy as it could have been. I'll make up for it though.....muah-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!

4:21 AM  
Blogger Tracy Fennell said...

Yay Krampus!

11:53 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Those are sooo fun! Amazing and wonderfully weird! I will give you one not near as cool, but will try, next year, if you will do the same for meeee!!!

7:22 PM  

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