Sunday, April 13, 2014

Parking Lot Carnival

I've seen the little fly by night carnivals pop up in parking lots all over the place. This one was in Kerrville, TX. Dale and I were out that way visiting a friend. While the three of us were having lunch, we noticed the pop up carnival across the street.  After lunch, we decided to walk over to the "carnival" to check it out.

 photo fair1_zps3c85eeef.jpg

I knew I was not going to risk my neck on one of those rides. Every single ride they had was one that spins. Some spun fast, some slow. All were shady.  The ferris wheel was on the back of a flatbed, for the love of Pete! How safe can that be? These rides are assembled and disassembled from town to town, over and over again. Listen, it's not that I don't want to pay to be sick, it's just that I prefer to initiate my vertigo on something more permanent. I'm looking for something that you didn't lose a bolt somewhere between Waco and Mesquite. Ya feel me?

 photo fair_zps8246fec1.jpg

But Danny? Danny is a risk taker. With a belly full of sliced ham and mashed potatoes, he walked right up to the ticket booth and purchased a ride on The Orbiter.
 photo fair4_zpsdfc589c5.jpg

The Carney operating the ride took a bite out of his Whataburger, pointed his pudgy fingers black with grease in the general direction of the ride and told Danny he could pick any seat he wanted.
He was, after all,  the only one getting on the ride. Danny went for the golden glitter seat and the Carney said "Except that one, you can't sit there. Safety bar is messed up."
See, that would have been more than enough to make me walk away and never look back. Danny, however, put himself into the purple seat, pulled the safety bar down, and went on with the show.
 photo fair5_zpsa3d5206e.jpg

He spun around and around and around and around.
 photo fair6_zpsa6ee3d4d.jpg
And around.

When the ride was finished, we walked around a bit to check out the rest of the carnival.
 photo fair3_zpsc61b0cdc.jpg
Remember the Himalaya? When I was a kid, the carney would blast Guns and Roses and ask you to "SCREEEEEAAAAM"  in response to our screaming he would say "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" and we would scream louder. Then, he would go backwards and repeat the same routine. I remember hitting this ride right after I had a soft serve ice cream cone. The ice cream never had a chance. It ended up next to the trash can just past the Himilaya's exit ramp.

Now that I am an adult with neck problems, I don't see myself getting on any of these rides. I'm over the "spin until you puke scene".

That is all.


Blogger Miss Bee said...

Our friend that works for Six Flags gets hives anytime we are near those pop-up carney fests. They make him so nervous. To his credit, he always let his kids ride stuff... YOLO, right? Ha! Glad you guys had fun. The pictures are great!

6:10 PM  

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