Saturday, February 08, 2014

Texting with Dale

In our home, Dale is the chef. His other duties include (but are not limited to):
taking out the trash and recycling, killing bugs, changing the various filters, changing the oil in the cars, retrieving things from and putting things into the attic, moving heavy items, etc. 

I walk the dogs and perform silly songs (accomponied by interpretive dance) on a nightly basis. It's important to keep the household chores balanced. 

Here is an old text message conversation we had about a few of these things:
*my part of the conversation is in the blue bubbles
 photo securedownload_zps0594f0a2.png
 photo securedownload-1_zps5ecd863f.png

He is a good man. 
(I'm glad he appreciates my sense of humor)
 photo securedownload_zps4541abde.jpeg
 photo securedownload-2_zps2f80a4a9.jpeg
 photo securedownload-3_zpsea14abca.jpeg


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