Saturday, March 08, 2014

Survival *Now with update*

I've been trying to get my doctor to call me back. I left a message on the on call line and the nurses' line but so far ain't nobody called me back!!
Last night, things got bad. Really bad. I'm talking my pain was at a level 10. Now, if you remember in a previous post I wrote about how I take myself off of pain pills for 1-2 weeks at a time to clear my system. This is one of those weeks. I let my prescription run out knowing I have an appointment on Thursday. No big deal, I do it all the time. It's a risky move, because I will for sure experience some pain during my week(s) off, but I just bare down and get through it knowing I will have meds later. 

Well, I was not planning on this type of an episode. I really think either a disc is pressing on my nerve or the bone growth I had removed has grown back 10 fold. Won't be sure until I have another MRI....which is why I am trying to get in touch with my doc. I would rather do the MRI before my appointment on Thursday so we know what we are dealing with. I should have known better. This past month, my pain has been getting worse. 

I'm also going to request a visit to a rheumatologist and a neurologist for further testing. 

Any-hoo, last night I could barely stand the pain. I took a giant ibuprofen but that was like spitting on a fire. I kept thinking "go to the ER and they will help you. They will give you an MRI" but then I was like "SCREW THIS! I HAVE A PAIN DOCTOR THAT SHOULD BE MANAGING THIS CRAP! HE NEEDS TO ORDER AN MRI! I AM NOT PAYING ER PRICES!" 

So I rocked back and forth and cried until I passed out.

I feel a little better this morning, actually. Still very painful (Level 7-8) but not ER trip painful. Swelling must have gone down.
Let's hope it stays that way. 
 photo Photoon2014-03-08at1139_zps538b0702.jpg

*UPDATE* At around 4:00 today, the day after I thought I would go to the ER, I am feeling pretty dang good. Some discomfort, but no pain. I GIVE UP TRYING TO UNDERSTAND THIS BUSINESS! I am very, very, grateful
 for the break. 


Blogger Miss Bee said...

If this happens again I am taking you to the ER myself. That is what insurance is for.

But yes, glad you got a break in time for some spring break fun!

6:25 PM  

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