Monday, March 03, 2014

Some Days I Feel Like I Hate Everything

Oh boy. Two negative posts in a row. Are you ready? Here we go?

I hate it when people ask me about my yoghurt and I tell them how good it is and then they ask how many calories it has and I check the back and say "280 but Its really like a dessert and it is better for you than your Yoplait." and they say, "oh, I could not eat that. Too many weight watcher points."

I hate Facebook and don't know why I am still on the darn thing. A pot roast recipe here, a political comment there,a outright ignorant repost everywhere. No thanks. I need to disconnect from that crap.

I hate my bra. Every bra I own, I hate it. The back strap is killing me, smalls!

I hate not getting compensated for my hard work appropriately. Good thing I can change this, eventually. Once I'm vested.....

I hate when people are cruel to children, especially those with special needs. I see it all the time and it is horrible. Just be nice. Give love. 

I hate it when I have responsibilities I never asked for. I hate that.

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Blogger Miss Bee said...

You're so right about the noosa! My little HEB just started carrying it so I had never had it until recently. I was like, "this is so delicious" and then realized why when I looked at calories. But it is totally more of a dessert. (And can hardly be eaten all in one sitting anyway, it is so rich!)

Sorry you've got the hates. I get them too sometimes. I hate when that happens.

7:51 AM  

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