Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Woodland Creatures: Part 1

Back in 2012, I gave 2 of my nieces a glam rock makeover.
  photo rock11_zps2c79da63.jpg
Zoe 2012- age 7

 photo rock21-1_zps90bf05ac.jpg
Lily 2012- age 5

 photo rock6_zps41d1c529.jpg
Band name- "My Metal Pony"

The girls came to visit me, again, this summer. They are now 7 and 9. Here we all are with an American flag and a giant spider:
 photo spoder_zps4743cf59.jpg

This year, we threw around a few ideas for a photoshoot. Ghosts, Fairies/Woodland Creatures, aliens, mermaids, etc. We settled on Woodland Creatures as we had been going on multiple hikes during their time with me in Austin. The setting of flowers, rocks, trees, creeks, and dirt inspired thier looks.

Here are a few beauty shots. I'll post the pics of them in the "magical forest" next.

 photo sunlight1_zps9a6f77f0.jpg
 photo sunlight2_zps78285dba.jpg
 photo sunlight3_zps126206cd.jpg
 photo sunlight4_zps4474f18c.jpg

 photo sunlight5_zpsf15156df.jpg
 photo sunlight7_zpsa2f9b3d1.jpg
 photo sunlight8_zpsc33e1247.jpg
 photo sunlight10_zps8fea827c.jpg
 photo sunlight9_zpsb86d0ef3.jpg
 photo sunlight11_zps0553a6ca.jpg

 photo sunlight13_zps141bddcf.jpg


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