Monday, May 12, 2014

Re-Spect WALK (are you talking to me?)

No way punk!
Sorry...I had a bit of a Pantera moment there.

Ahhh, memories.

Now back to the photos:

 photo walkabout26_zps5e13a105.jpg
Dry brush
 photo walkabout17_zpscca39b62.jpg
A fence along my way.

 photo walkabout18_zps176ce8b5.jpg
 photo walkabout19_zps4ddc31a5.jpg

 photo walkabout22_zpsda055296.jpg
 photo walkabout23_zps085b7077.jpg
 photo walkabout24_zpsd07de77d.jpg
 photo walkabout25_zps1f0856e8.jpg

My head sweats like a fountain. The top of my head and my face just pour sweat when I am all worked up from exercise (or heat, or both). My pits stay bone dry. It's ridiculous. Therefore, I carry a lil' sweat rag to mop my brow (and my sweat mustache).
 photo walkabout20_zpsbcd78c85.jpg
 photo walkabout21_zps5e4507c3.jpg
 photo walkabout2_zps75c37074.jpg

The end.
p.s., Today I have logged 17,217 steps (7.75 miles).
I plan on going on an after dinner walk and hope to log another mile or so. I'm feeling groovy like a damn Brady from the Bunch, yall!


Blogger Miss Bee said...

You rock! And the spiky pink flower is so pretty!

5:44 PM  

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