Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Red Brick I

 photo gt38_zpsdc52a711.jpg
Us in front of the Red Brick Inn. Dale needs some sun glasses. 

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The Red Brick Inn houses 6 guest rooms, a main lobby, and a fantastic porch complete with rocking chairs for the best people watching.

In the lobby, you will find this little snack tray filled with sweet and salty snacks (free to all guests). I made fun of the snack tray when I first saw it, but was singing it's praises later that evening. Who knew a little debbie white snack cake was the best post concert snack?

 photo gt14_zps39f8af7a.jpg
Main lobby couch

This is me sitting on the front porch underneath the Vacancy sign. My reflection looks haunted, right? Creeeeeeepy.
 photo gt8_zpsfb3bcf86.jpg

The hotel is filled with religious pictures, bibles, and what not.
 photo gt2_zps366afae2.jpg
 photo gt11_zpsb9e271c0.jpg
Which is probably good since Dale needs to brush up on his Bible study. Also, the place is clearly haunted so the pictures of Jesus can't hurt...right?

The Inn has two stories, our room was on the first floor. We went ahead and explored the second floor. I pretended like I was a madame at a whore house in small town, Texas. Yes I was a fan of the movie "The Best Little Whore House in Texas."  It was a childhood favorite. That Dom DeLuise was one funny guy.
 photo gt15_zps778eff39.jpg
 photo gt16_zps504bdf98.jpg

We had a claw footed bathtub in our room. Problem is, I'm not trying to take a bath in a hotel tub. I don't know who used  that thing before me. There was a "handheld" shower wand but that was awkward to use as well. This was me taking an imaginary bath:
 photo gt34_zps7c316076.jpg

I leave you with Dale and I making funny faces:
 photo gt29_zpsb961622c.jpg
 photo gt19_zps733bcd16.jpg
 photo gt27_zps407f4e0a.jpg
 photo gt28_zpsdb7aac2c.jpg
 photo gt21_zpsa048bdb6.jpg

Oh, we will both agree that we would love to stay at this little hotel again. It would be fun to bring a few friends and rent the joint out!


Blogger Miss Bee said...

What a fun place! I love old places with personality. Oh, if those walls could talk. :)

(And I feel ya - no way I would have used that tub. I don't even use my own. It looks good in pictures though!)

7:45 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

How fun! I want to go to pretty, haunted place!

7:29 AM  

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