Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dale has the power


“Ooooooooo-Aaaaaaaaaaah” The magical disc has been bestowed upon Dale. He is the chosen one. For centuries the legend of the magical disc has been passed on from disc golfer to disc golfer. I will now pass it along to you, dear readers (all 5 of you).
Back in the 1800’s disc golf started as a sport in which farm boys would fling hardened cow patties across the pasture’s of Scotland. Young William McDoltry seemed to be blessed with a great talent for this game. He could toss a Cow patty farther than anyone he came across. Villagers would gather around and watch William throw the patty. Some say that he had the finesse of a dancer and the strength of an ox. His Cow patty would soar across the rolling green fields for great distances spinning and turning precisely the way he had intended. Talk of William’s talent spread throughout the surrounding villages and eventually King George IV, the ruler of Great Britain, became aware of it. He was the first ruler of Great Britain to visit Scotland in 200 years and it was all due to William McDoltry. The King came to William’s village and requested that William display his talent. William was defiant and refused to do so because of the terrible History between England and Scotland. The King was infuriated, and demanded that William be drawn and quartered for daring to insult his majesty. As William was being prepared for his death, he was given one more chance by the king to fulfill the request bestowed upon him. William accepted and was led to the pasture. As he awaited the King’s arrival, a peasant made his way to William and informed him that he overheard the Kings royal guards talking and found out that the King had planned on having William executed after he finished entertaining him with his marvelous skills. William devised a plan of his own. The King arrived and was seated and William took his position in the field. He picked up what would be the last cow patty he would ever touch and got into position for his final event. William flung the Patty with all of his might using all of the fury that had possessed Scotsman for years due to the evil acts of Great Britain. The patty soared across the field and then, just as William intended, magically turned in the sky and changed coarse heading directly for the King himself. With the speed of a soaring eagle as it descends upon its prey, the Patty flew across the sky in direct path for the King, hitting him right across the throat. As it made contact, it damaged the King’s vocal cords and then burst apart. The thousands of pieces of the broken patty started glowing and eventually disappeared. The King permanently lost his ability to speak. William was rushed by the Kings guards who began stabbing him over and over with their royal blades. William’s last words were “My power will once again be reborn in the disc of another player, one of pure heart and great spirit. This person will know his power when his disc takes on a glow of a thousand sunsets”. And now, it is DALE WEBB that possesses the power of William McDoltry.
Ok, I was really bored. I apologize.


Blogger Sweet Pea said...

Does that mean Dale has to change his name to something Irish? Like Dale O'Malley?

11:50 AM  
Blogger Sassypants said...

LuckYYYYYYYY! (insert ND)

4:47 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Are you smoking crack again? I'm afraid of you right now. ;-)

TLWC What Whaaaaa??!!!


5:39 PM  

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