Friday, June 16, 2006

The Adventures of Rachel and Sarah…USA!

We started out at Three Amigo’s for a little pre pool food and beverage. The chicken soft tacos were muy bien. We got to the pool around 1:30 and continued to enjoy beverages and the sun for a few hours. It was at this time that we hatched our Plan. At first, We were just going to lay out and then go home for a nap. After the nap, we would rejoin and head over to the Peacock for a pea-cocktail. After that, we planned on joining Dale and Josh Johnson over at Josh Johnson’s pad.

Rachel had the brilliant idea to forgo a nap and, instead, just take a quick shower and continue the fun.

I had the brilliant idea to add USA after anything we said if we wanted a bit of dramatic emphasis. E.g., “It is hot out here, U.S.A!”
It worked.

After the pool, and a few more beers, we headed to the thrift store. Rachel struck gold and bought a few new dresses and a snazzy new blouse (which she wore later that evening). I found nothing. Some days are diamonds, kids, and some days are rocks.

After the thrift store, Ray Ray and I parted ways to shower and change. I also ate a bowl of cereal.

We met back up and proceeded to go downtown. We parked in a parking lot and spent 10 minutes scraping up enough change to pay the $5.00 fee. At one point, we were only 50 cents short. The damned parking lot guy was generous with his flirting and his cheesy one liners, but would not spot us 50 cents. Wha-eva.

Our first stop of the night was the uniquely decorated Casino El Camino. We drank rum and diet cokes and split a yummy BLT.
Over the meal, Rachel decided to tell people that we were celebrating her “divorce”. The story was that she had been married 7 years to a man that just did not appreciate her. They tried to make it work but ,instead, grew apart. He was embarrassed by the fact that she drank miller light as he was a fan of red wine. He was always traveling, and she was lonely. Her position as a school teacher was just not “high society” enough for him.

We got some people to take this picture of us. Right before the camera clicked, I said “Rachel just got a divorce, CHEERS!”
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Our waitress was high on something. When I asked her for a menu she said, “Uh, I’ll try to remember to bring it to you. I usually forget though, so if I do you can find the menu’s inside”.

Then, when I asked for more water, she brought me this :
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It was luke warm, U.S.A.
I think she had intended to fill my glass with the water but her neurons were not firing quickly enough to complete the task.

We then ventured out to Coyote Ugly. That’s right. Coyote, friggen’ Ugly.
When we walked into the bar, every man in the joint stared us up and down like they were expecting us to shed our clothing and start dancing on the bar.

Right when we sat down, a bartender begged us to dance on the bar. Uh, no thanks. It’s still daylight and we have not had enough to drink.

We did, however, take a picture standing next to the bar:
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Check out that fella next to me.

As we were leaving, the bouncer came up to us and insisted that we take a picture on top of the bar. Rachel had discussed this possibility with him earlier on, and he wanted to make sure that it happened. As we climbed up the bar, everyone started hootin’ and hollerin’:
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And why not, check out those legs on those ladies! I could take the time to tell you about the vulgar bartender and how she made references about her staff-mates “brown-eye”, but I am trying to keep this sucka PG 13.

Look for part two of “The Adventures of Rachel and Sarah…USA” tomorrow.


Blogger j3 said...

dude, you gotta post more often. i got tired looking at the hot dogs.

my brown-eye's awesome, USA!

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

I like how Coyote Ugly still has ROT Ralley on the mirrors from what, two weeks ago...get with it ladies...USA!

4:47 AM  
Blogger Miss Bee said...

hahahahaha.... I just barely rejoined the rest of the world and was able to look online. Girl, those were some good times. We need to be rockstars more often.

8:18 PM  

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