Friday, June 22, 2007

11 people in the back of a truck

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You can only see 10, I know. Trust me, there are 11. This was taken on a road a Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock. Thankfully, this crew was only driving a short distance. Still, there are some major safety issues going on here. 10 of the 11 people are kids. The other person is a dumb ass adult.

You do not have to be going very fast to fall out of a truck and obtain a head injury. I know this because I had a client that suffered traumatic brain injury by falling out of the back of a truck that was not going very fast.

What can you do?


Blogger j3 said...

bush better get those gas prices down...this is indicative of a society that can only afford one-trip. i blame bush for the death of the girl in the turquoise shirt.

5:12 AM  

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