Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's a fuzzy red sweater

Happy Valentines day
I am wearing a cute red sweater I purchased at the thrift store a while back. I also have on my obnoxious red heart earrings. Oh, and I am wearing pants, shoes, and underthings. I don’t know why I am telling you what I am wearing. It’s so cliché to wear red or pink on Valentines day, right? Next thing you know, I will be sporting one of those hideous teacher sweaters complete with the bus, the kids, and the apple knitted into it. Oh, and the ever popular “ABC” knit where the letters look like they were written in chalk. I am not a teacher, but I do work in a school.

What else is new………

Oh, my sister and her family came to visit this past weekend. Here is the best photo of the bunch:

My nieces can Jam.

Next post, I will have to tell you about my recent MRI experience. That was fun for a claustrophobic gal, like myself.

Until then, I bid you farewell. May your day be filled with lucky happenstances and unexpected surprises of awesomeness.


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