Monday, February 18, 2008

It’s owl season

Yesterday evening, I took my puppy outside so that he could do his business. I was on the stairs of our deck, keeping watch, as he took his little five pound body about to find the proper place to “drop it on the one.”

Suddenly, I heard a loud “thunk.” I turned to look at where the sound came from and saw an owl perched on the fence near my dog.

He looked a bit like this:
(except he was on my fence)

Luckily, my dog had just happened to walk under the webber grill thus avoiding becoming Mr. Hoots dinner. I ran and scooped up my dog and the owl flew away. I really think he was flying in for the kill but had to stop short on the fence (which caused the loud “thunk”) because the dog got out of his reach.

Now, my husband and I both have to take the dog to poo so that one can keep watch for the owl while the other watches the dog.

I might have to make him a poo-shelter. As he gets larger, I hope this is no longer a problem.
Otherwise, I am going to be doing some owl hunting.

That’s one mean mutha-trucker.


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