Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The cake must die!


Finally! All of the cookies, candy, and cakes are out of my house! You know cookies are like kryptonite to this gal, don’t cha? Especially home made cookies. I can resist cake, normally, but since I have been eating at least one cookie every day (it seems) for the past week I was afraid that the sugar cravings would hit and I would eat that cake with the enthusiasm of one of those starving children in Africa your parents always told you about.

Therefore, the cake is now in my trash out back.

Don’t worry, the cake did not go to it’s trash graveyard untouched. My parents brought it over when they came to visit and trashing their offering without sampling it would be rude (oh, and I really wanted to try a piece).

So I, along with a few of my family members, had a piece of cake to go along with our evening coffee.

The next day, I saw it staring at me from it’s counter top home. I grabbed that sucker and took it to the trash before the cravings had a chance to take hold.

And no, I am not like what’s-her-name from Sex in the City that ate her cake from the trash because she could not resist the urge to satisfy her craving for a sugar fix. Once it’s in the trash, it’s trash.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


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