Monday, December 22, 2008

I am practicing

I have discovered Picasa 3 photo editing and boy is it fun. Today’s lesson: adding text to your photos.

Yesterday, I was at Walgreens and I saw the cutest Santa outfit. The outfit was for a dog so I had to buy it for Mr. Cooper. All they had were small and xs so I crossed my fingers and bought the small hoping it would fit over his barrel chest.

Well, lucky for Cooper, it did not fit. I ended up having to just hold it up to him to get a picture. Even though he did not actually have to wear it, he was still not pleased.






When he was little, he did not seem to mind wearing t-shirts and what not. Now, if I put a super cute Christmas sweater or a faux fur lined doggie coat on him he just sits there and refuses to move. I guess he is trying to tell me something.

Day one of my Christmas break is going well. I went shopping at Costco and in the words of my friend Jeff “the place was packed.” (yes, I know a lot of people say those words but there is a story behind Jeff saying it. He will know what I am talking about but you won’t ). The lines were outrageously long and everybody was….well, they were buying in bulk. First, I went to the self check out line because those lines were relatively small. I waited for a few minutes before I saw the sign informing me that cash was not accepted at self check out. I could feel the annoyance building as I began to search for a new line to stand and wait in. Well, things turned around for your girl Sarah as this nice couple in front of me allowed me to skip in front of them since I only had one item. When I left the store, I turned their good deed around by offering to take this dude’s shopping cart to the little cart space for him. I was going by it anyway and I could tell he just wanted to get the hell out of the Costco lot. Plus, there was a car waiting for his spot and a line of cars waiting behind that car. He was very happy about that and allowed me to do my good deed.

My next stop was at the thrift store where the cashier mistakenly gave me $5.00 extra in change. I gave it back to her because I am an awesome person. When I told her she gave me too much she said “are you sure?” and then re-counted it again and got it wrong, again. I re-counted it for her and she said “OH! You are right! I am so sorry!” I hope that lady does not make money mistakes very often.

Any-hoo, the moral of the story is that the nice couple at Costco bestowed their kindness upon me which put me in a good mood and made me do nice things for other people. What is that called? Paying it forward? Thank you, Haley Joel Osment.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

I love it! I bought the same sort of outfit for Blossom, but it is an Elf. She will wear the neck thing, but not the hat. You will see her in it soon. And I love "Santa Paws!"

4:15 PM  

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