Sunday, November 16, 2008

An unfortunate name for a lovely dessert.

Josh Johnson’s girlfriend, Tirzah Rose, will be turning 29 on the 17th. What an awesome name, ya?
To celebrate the final year of her twenties, we went to Truluck’s for dinner and drinks. Josh, Dale, Tirzah and myself enjoyed the evening even though our waitress was a twit. When I asked her for another gimlet, she came back with a vodka martini. I asked her if it was a gimlet and she looked at me like I had three heads. After waiting a moment for her response, which never came, I said “I don’t think it’s a gimlet as it has olives in it.” She muttered something about not knowing what I was drinking and so she looked at the bar receipt from my previous drink and it said “vodka martini.” I am sure it did as the bar probably billed it that way but I can’t cut her any slack since I asked her for a friggen’ GIMLET!

After dinner, the waitress brought a tray of desserts over and began reciting a memorized presentation about each one. There was a carrot cake, a chocolate cake, berries and cream, key lime pie, and this:


So when she said “and this is our chocolate sack”, Josh started laughing which sent me into the laugh spasms that I tried to immediately squelch. My attempt was weak and instead of stopping the laughter I produced a snort which made me laugh even harder.

This is NOT proper etiquette, friends. I blame it on the cocktails.

We ended up ordering the Key lime pie. It was so-so.

That is all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love you Mrs. Dolphin Blood, see you Thanksgiving time

12:58 PM  

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