Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sock Animals


I made my first stuffed sock animal.

It was not very easy but it was very satisfying.

My good buddy Tirzah has made a handful of these little creatures. She is quite skilled. She let me borrow the instructional booklet- Sock and Glove: Creating Charming Softy Friends from Cast-off Socks and Gloves by Miyako Kanamori


I really want to make a few sock Dachshunds. Those words sound good together ...."Sock Dachshunds." That could be the name of your band.

You can make pig, rabbits, elephants, birds, cats, and monkeys (just to name a few). I am going to practice with the dogs for a while. It's all about the technique.

I even went out and bought a little sewing box to store all of my supplies.

I love new hobbies.

In other news:
I went to buy hula hoop making materials the other day. When I asked the gentleman at Lowe's where I could find the irrigation tubing, he tried to tell me I needed something else. It went like this:
me- "Hi, can you tell me where I can find irrigation tubing?"
Man- "Um.....for your yard?"
Me- "Well....sure. I think they use it for sprinkler systems, gardens, and small farms"
Man-"I think you are talking about a soaker hose."
Me-"Uh, no.....not a soaker hose. Tubing."
Man- "Ok, the soaker hoses are on Isle 7."

Me- (trying to not sound as frustrated as I was) "I need 3/4" 160psi poly tubing. It does not have holes for soaking anything. It us used for irrigation as a water source, header line and submain lines but I use it to make hula hoops." (I did my homework before buying the tubing because I knew I might run into a situation like this.)

The Tubing (pic from last summer)

At this point, another employee intervened and showed me where the tubing was.
After I had two big rolls in the basket, I was tooling around Lowe's looking for some tape. This customer approached me and said, "Hey, it looks like you got yourself a big project going on!"

He was covered in paint and plaster and seemed friendly enough so I decided to tell him the truth about the hoops. He was also surprised about my project and wanted to know how I made the hoops. I told him all about it. I ended with "Yeah, I know I look all important and handy with this tubing but it's really just for making hula hoops."

He said, "Well, that is really interesting. Now, here is your compliment for the day...You sure are pretty."

I replied with, "uuhhh, thanks. That was really nice of you." I am not sure what to do in that situation other than just saying "thank you" and then getting out of there. Stupid me....I thought he was really interested in how to make a hula hoop. Sheesh.


Anonymous Colin said...

You always attract the interesting ones...

2:14 PM  
Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

Cute sock dog! We had our classes do the sock monkeys, they are really cute too. I love your new hobbies too, but they make me jealous.

3:18 PM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

Yup...the crazies love me.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Tracy Fennell said...

Was it pronounced "purty"?

fakeedit: captcha this time is "cophead".

4:31 PM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

It would make the story better if he pronounced "pretty" as "purty" but no, it was the correct pronunciation.

4:52 PM  
Blogger M--- said...

Um, I wanna put in an order for a sock monkey! My birthday is less than 5 months...but that should give ya plenty of time.

I mean it, by the way. I want a sock monkey. Don't make me cry for it.

9:29 AM  

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