Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Cat Eye

I saw these sunglasses on Ebay and bought them thinking they might look good on me.
I like how the look sitting there on the counter...

But when I tried them on,


I look a little like a space alien.


I think it's the combination of my "5-head" and the pointy, upturned peak of the rims.

But look what happens when I wear a short blond wig with bangs:

Yeah, that's more like it! Now if I could only walk around in a wig whenever I wanted... like it was Halloween everyday. How fun would that be, to change your hair like you change your lipstick? Not that I want to be forced to wear a wig (pleasedon'tgivemecancer), but it would be cool if it were the normal thing to do.

In a wig friendly world, I could pull off cat eye sunglasses.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

Fierce! You look awesome!

8:52 PM  
Blogger Kimberly June said...

Those are some serious cat eyes.

11:07 AM  

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