Saturday, December 31, 2011

Who Hair

Dale and I spent Christmas with my his side of the family up near Dallas. We had a wonderful time! We stayed at Dale's Brother's house. He and his wife were wonderful hosts. Can you say cinnamon rolls for breakfast, EVERY MORNING? Awww yeah!

Bonus--They have one of those fancy media rooms with big, comfy couches, soft lush carpet, and a giant movie screen. On one of the nights, I slept in that room with 3 of my nieces and one nephew. We were watching Shrek II. It was awesome.

There were 9 adults and 5 kids. I had plenty of opportunities to curl, braid, twist, and brush my nieces hair. One of my nieces decided to return the favor and show me how to create "Who Hair."
You take a small waterbottle and place it on top of your head. Pull your hair up around it and secure with a hair band up top.
Easy as pie.

I could have used a larger water bottle, but the results were still cute. Especially on my niece.

In other news:

I want this!
Dale Tiffany Champagne Chandelier

It's a wee bit out of my budget so I'll have to save up but it will be worth it. Perfect for the big room.

Happy last day of 2011! It's been a bitch of a year, but not without it's gems. I recovered from neck surgery, continued to search for treatment for my residual neck pain, had another health problem arise, underwent 3 procedures and one full fledged surgery to attempt to fix it (still not fixed), saw both of my parents in the hospital at the same time, gained weight, helped to plan a surprise party for a good friend that graduated with her Master's, completed the 30 day photography challenge, created a bad ass Lichtenstein Girl Halloween costume, went to some amazing concerts (Railroad Revival being one of my favorites), groomed my buddie's beard for a contest, went to New Orleans for the wedding of two dear friends, and went to a Stephen King book reading (complete with an autographed 1at edition of his newest book).

I am happy to have done everything with Dale either by my side, or with his support.

Life is beautiful.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

1. You are the only person I know that would wear a cute dress at your in-laws during Christmas break. Most people wear jeans and a sweater.

2. Who-hair is a good look for you.

3. I hope 2012 is full of less procedures. Or none. No procedures would be good.

4. Railroad Revival was SO MUCH FUN! Even though it was only April and already like a zillion degrees. Sometimes I just close my eyes and picture Marcus Mumford at the end of the night saying, "That's the Railroad Revival two-uh"

5. You should add that you threw together an awesome NYE dinner. I don't even remember the last time I made it to midnight.

12:54 AM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

Ha! We had just gotten back from Mass when that picture was taken. I packed jeans and sweaters likek everybody else. Ok, and a really cute wool skirt to go with my knit boots.

Thank you for helping to make the dinner a success!

11:12 AM  

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