Saturday, December 10, 2011

El Camino

The newest album from The Black Keys came out Dec 6th, 2011. They have been making promotional appearances all over the place!
MTV Release Show
The Colbert Report
Late Show with David Letterman

If you are only going pick one link to watch, I say pic The Colbert Report. There is an interview and a performance, and both are great. The interview is pretty funny. Normally, these guys come off with a "sarcastic/smart ass" flavor. When Steven Colbert interviews them, they are all grins and giggles. "giggles" the right word? Do grown men "giggle?"

They do when Steven Colbert interviews them.

Any-hoo, I pre-ordered the album. It arrived wrapped in cellophane with a shiny silver sticker saying "Play Loud"
You don't have to tell Dale twice. He popped that baby on the record player and turned it up loud enough to shake the needles off our Christmas tree.

Lonely Boy and Gold on the Ceiling are the two songs getting all the play and talk right now. They are both tremendously great songs and if you have not seen the video for Lonely Boy, go watch it now. You will want to thank me later. You probably won't actually thank me, because you have to make cookies and put stamps on your Christmas cards. I get it. You're busy. I'm busy. We all busy.

Where was I....Oh yes, The Black Keys.
Alright, so the two songs they are playing just about everywhere are great. I love them. But, heck, side one if the album is nothing but gems. Little Black Submarines reminds me of the Led Zeppelin era of Rock-n-Roll while Money Maker is a fat groove that will have you shakin' your hips. I promise you.

As for side B, I would have to pick Nova Baby as my favorite. Though Run Right Back could just as easily take that spot.

When their last album, Brothers, put them into the mainstream I gotta say that it was a little strange hearing Tighten Up come over the sound system at Ulta while I was shopping for cosmetics. Even more strange when the 17 year old cheerleader standing next to me started singing along. I wanted to shove a copy of Rubber Factory in her hand basket, next to her glittery lipgloss and hair straightening serum.

I mean, I've followed these guys since forever and while many of my friends enjoyed their music, it was not something the general population knew about. Now, three grammys later, everybody up in here know about Dan and Pat.

And that's ok.

: )



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I bet those retro speakers were rockin'!

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