Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shoes and Dogs

This is precisely why dachshunds do not like to pee in the wet grass. The blades more than cover the amount of space between the ground and the dachshunds chest and belly. Imagine soaking your entire front torso every time you had to pee. Um...soaking it with rain water...not pee. Gross.

Look, it's shoes!

I've been trying to get pictures of all of my shoes so I can tape the images to my plastic shoe boxes. Even thought the shoe boxes are somewhat see through, it is still hard to identify which pair is inside when they are up high on the shelf.

Oh my gosh! How cute are my dogs? They are super cute when they are sleepy, but can be assholes when they are awake. I took them on a walk the other day and Cooper went crazy. A elderly man (small in stature) was walking by and Cooper freaked the heck out! He started barking at the man and was pulling at his leash with all of his might in an attempt to escape. Charlie started barking and Cooper snapped at Charlie's face. I bent down to break the two up and accidentally let go of Cooper's leash. He took off like a rocket! I was delayed in chasing him for a few seconds as Charlie was wrapped around a tree. We were right next to a busy street, and I was TERRIFIED that Cooper was going to get hit by a car.

Nope. He ran up to the man and began nipping at his shoes. The man stepped on Cooper's leash so he would not run away. I caught up to the man and Charlie joined Cooper in the nipping.


I asked the man if he was ok and he gave me a big smile and nodded. I thanked him and took my mean mutts home. Cooper should not be running...he could re-injure his back. I am nervous to see him exhibit signs of disc damage.

Oh, that Cooper.


Blogger Miss Bee said...

How have I never seen that second pair of shoes? Love them!

Hard to believe that Charlie is the good dog on walks now!

6:45 PM  

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