Friday, April 18, 2014

A Brand New Me

It arrived on my doorstep in trapezoidal box.
 photo newspine12_zpsf08b4ee3.jpg
I had forgotten that I ordered it on Amazon (the day after I received my MRI results) so when I saw the box, I was confused at first.
 photo newspine11_zps60b1bdf5.jpg
 photo newspine10_zps018650f1.jpg
 photo newspine9_zps041744ff.jpg
But I quickly recovered the memory of searching online for the right one...

I was nervous that what I ordered might have been damaged during the shipping process. What would I do with another one that was damaged?
 photo newspine8_zpsa1a4cc68.jpg
 photo newspine7_zps27f56601.jpg

Upon first glance, everything looked fine...
 photo newspine6_zpse68e6e7b.jpg

I pulled it out of the box for further inspection.
 photo newspine5_zps3d60e6a2.jpg
 photo newspine4_zpsc4e049cf.jpg

My new spine was intact! Hooray!
 photo newspine2_zpsd8fa73a5.jpg
 photo newspine3_zps85ad8385.jpg

In all seriousness, I purchased this model spine to help Dale and myself visualize and better understand my spine problems. My recent MRI showed three slipped discs in my cervical spine (neck), one narrowed disc in my cervical spine, no curvature in my cervical spine, and an asymmetric left facet overgrowth (between the last cervical vertebra and first thoracic vertebra) that is most likely pressing on a nerve root.
Three slipped discs in my neck? There are only 6 discs in the neck, so half of mine are messed up. That's just great. I guess I could be positive and say that half of the discs in my neck are terrific!

Everyone's spine degenerates with age. The difference with my spine and a normal spine is that mine started to degenerate in my early twenties instead of in my sixties.
I'm wondering what my spine will look like in 10 years? It's a little scary to think about. There is no cure for this early degeneration. Surgery might relieve the pain, but it might also cause more pain. I am going to ask my doctor for a referral to a few different specialists to see if something else is going on...some kind of autoimmune disorder or perhaps a voodoo curse?

 photo newspine1_zps92a0e897.jpg
That is all


Blogger Miss Bee said...

That thing is awesome. Good idea, I know it will help me when you can show me what all is going on with you. (You got 99 problems and the spine is the main one....)

If it makes you feel any better, I'm going to be all humped over one day with my scoliosis. We'll just shake our fists at the young people and tell them to enjoy their good spines while they can.

7:47 PM  
Blogger Kimberly June said...

That is cool! Spray paint it gold and put a lamp shade on it! Sorry I've been spending too much time on pinterest.

10:18 AM  

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