Monday, April 07, 2014

Deactivate *with update

***UPDATE I want to say that I am always happy for friends when they announce that they are pregnant. I did not make that clear when I first wrote this post. I did not take the time to think about how this could possibly hurt someones feelings and for that, I apologize. People who announce their pregnancy on FB should be able to do so without worrying about people feeling sorry for themselves. I don't take back the "recipes posted on my feed so you can find it later?" statement and the inference that that is annoying. I stand by that one. It is annoying. ; ) But that is not your problem (if you are someone who does that). It's my problem. Plus, I think I posted a green smoothie recipe once, so look who's bloggin'!*****
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I've deactivated my Facebook account. I'm going to give myself some time away and, if I like how it feels, I'm going to delete the entire thing all together.

Reasons for doing so are many. Mostly, it's a huge time suck. I don't blog as much or read as much because I'm always checking FB. And what am I checking it for? To see how many likes my latest selfie accrued? To see who didn't wish me a happy birthday? To see the recipes posted on my feed so you can find it later?

It's all just so much nonsense....most of the time.

But then my sister will post a picture of her kids and I am filled with happiness. Someone will share good news about getting a promotion, moving to a new city, or getting engaged, or whatever. That makes me happy.

But sometimes, when seeing pregnancy posts, I'm faced with "Oh, so and so is pregnant. Jeeze....I never thought I would NEVER have a kid."

I know it could still happen, but I don't think it would be the smartest thing possible. Bringing a baby into my chronic pain world.

Back to the time suck...I really miss reading books all the time instead of my feed. I miss reading blogs. I miss writing letters to my friends. The older I get, the faster time seems to slip. I want to slow it waaaaay down. Facebook seems to speed it up.


Blogger Tracy Fennell said...

I thought it seemed different.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Miss Bee said...

We do miss you on Facebook, especially since I never get to see you I re al life anymore! But I know exactly what you mean. However, I am NOT sharing the Brussels sprout recipe I "liked" today.

7:43 PM  

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