Thursday, December 08, 2005

just read it, and be happy

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The list of events starting from last night to now (10:25)

-Yesterday, they closed the campus at 2:00. I hung around for a bit, until a security guard told me to leave.
-Yesterday, got home at 3:30
-worked on a take home test from 4:30 to 10:00
-took a bath at 10:15 and studied for a different test that was to take place today at 3:15
-Went to bed at 11:00
-Got out of bed at 5:30
-Got on the road at 6:00
-Stopped by walgreens at 6:20 and bought a beanie cap
-Got to starbucks at great hills trail at 6:30
-Studied at starbucks until 8:00
-Hit the road a witnessed what looked like the apocalypse on hwy 183 north. At least 11 cars with in a 1 miles stretch of the hwy were pulled over on the side of the highway with no owners in sight.
-I exited 183 and took Burnet to 45th to Guadalupe. (the roads were easy to negotiate)
-Got to school at 8:45 and SCORE! I found a parking spot. I had to do some fancy parallel parking, but I can handle it.
-Went to my building to discover that it was locked. Shit. I knew the school was not opening until 10:00, but I thought that perhaps I could get into my clinic. Oh well.
-Started walking to starbucks at about 9:00
-Got to starbucks, ordered another coffee, and began to study (again)
-starbucks was packed, BTW
-at about 9:20, the place erupted in a buzz mixed with excitement and disbelief.
-some of the students were saying that the school was closed for the entire day.
-YAHOO! At 9:30, I left campus.
-9:55, I arrived at Rudy’s BBQ and purchased a yummy breakfast taco.
-10:15, back at home. HOLLA!

Last night, I told Dale that if God wanted to smile upon me he would close UT for the day (today). I needed a bit more time to study. And Lo! God sends his glorious smile rays upon my being. SO happy!
So happy!
Soooo, happy.
I need to study now. Bye.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As my mom would say, "Praise the Lord!" I too get to stay home today. The part that sucks is that I will have to make up this day in the spring. But oh well. Good luck on your studies.... you are sooooooo close! :) Rach

9:52 AM  
Blogger sarahsmile3 said...

*I meant to say south 183.

Rachel, I wish I could have gone to lunch with you today. Taking a hot bath followed by a nap was just too tempting.

11:14 AM  
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