Thursday, November 10, 2005

The last halloween post

A comment from my previous post:
Anonymous said…
Please expand on the grl’s costume that looks like a sexy road worker…I would like to see another one of her.

Ok, anonymous. Ask and ye shall receive. This is a different pic of her. I cropped all the other people out so that you could have a little “alone time” with this co-ed.
Image hosted by

Here are the rest of the best from Halloween night:
Image hosted by
Dale will slap you (colin).

Image hosted by
Danny buys a round of beers. Thank’s Danny.

Image hosted by
Oops! Did I catch ya’ll at an awkward time?

Image hosted by
Fucking Dale. He always makes me laugh!

Image hosted by
There are several funny things going on in this picture.
1. The scary look on Danny’s face
2. Jeff blending in with the mural in the background
3. The actual guy that is part of a mural in the background
4. this gal rocked as Strawberry Shortcake (maybe not as funny as 1,2,and3)

This guy was dressed as the artist Bob Ross. You know, the “happy trees” guy.
Image hosted by
Check out Danny flipping the bird.

I have no Idea why Danny had such a problem with this guy. He was harmless
Image hosted by

In the limo
Image hosted by
Hang in there

We are loosing Danny!
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Singing some Poison
Image hosted by

Coppin’ a feel
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
It started out so innocently

Things start to take a turn for the worse
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
I still have bad dreams about this.

Image hosted by

There has been a change in plans. I need to make one more Halloween post. THe last one will be shorter than the first two.
SOrry, I just have to get these pics out there. It heals my soul.
In other news...Grad school still sucks.
Good Day.


Blogger Laurie said...

It was Colin and I don't know how I feel about that :-/


10:07 AM  

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