Thursday, June 29, 2006

balloons, horn, kazoo, dice....

School has been keeping me really busy lately. Here is a story that may or may not have happened. In a group therapy session, where there are 3 adult clients (3 males and a female) and 3 clinicians (all females), a game was being played called Outburst.

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To play the game, one person names category given on the Outburst card and the rest of the players throw out as many things they can that fall into that category.
For example, the category could be MOVIES STARRING TOM CRUISE
And you might say “mission impossible, Vanilla Sky, War of the Worlds, Risky Business, Crazy McCrazerson”. Whatever.

So, one of the clinicians may or may not have chosen the category THINGS YOU BLOW.

I almost pissed myself when the clinician may or may not have read the category out loud. There may or may not have been a period of awkward silence following the reading of the category.


After therapy was over, I may or may not have asked the clinician if she purposely chose that category because of the, um…well, the implied content. You know what I mean.

Any-hoo, an evil grin may or may not have spread across the clinicians face after I asked the question. She then, may or may not have admitted to asking that question on purpose (because of what it implied).

I love my co-clinicians…..and there is no “may not” about that statement.

Have a good weekend. Be like Colin and enjoy a nice cold pool:
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wow, no comments on that beautiful pic...oh well. Hope ya'll are doing great!

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