Sunday, July 30, 2006

No Justice

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Wednesday was the day of the violent waggle. I spent Thursday and Friday morning looking for the man who exposed himself to me and then chased me in his car.

I had no luck finding him……..
Until Friday at 10:00 a.m.

I was walking to the parking lot where I parked my car when I crossed paths with this jack ass. He was with two other people who turned out to be his co-workers. They were roofers working on the building that was RIGHT NEXT TO the parking lot I parked in!

He was wearing the exact same thing (white shirt and pants with a green belt).
I did not think I would be able to, but I recognized his face as easily as I recognize my own.

I trailed him as he made his way to a truck parked in the lot. He and his co-workers let the tailgate down so they could sit and enjoy their lunch. I scanned the parking lot for his car but could not find it.

I got my camera and my pepper spray from the car and then dialed up the Austin Police. The pictures I took were really fuzzy. I was shaking when I was taking them because the dude was staring right at me!

I would show you the fuzzy pic of this pervert but I can’t find my damn camera cord.

Anyway, long story short…the cops would not arrest him. They said he looked too much like his co-workers and that the D.A. would not believe that I could positively ID the man.

What a crock!

I think they are just afraid of racial profiling. The APD has been in trouble for that, recently.
The cops told me to be on the look out for his car. If I find his car, I can write down his license number and turn that in to the cops. If his car is registered, and they doubt that it is, they MAY be able to arrest him because I will be giving them two identifications.

Oh yea, the cops also made me stand in front of this guy and identify him. Why? I am not sure as they did not arrest him.

I hope it scared him. Most likely it just let him know that he can get away with showing girls his pee-pee.

Where is the justice?
This man has now been able to study my face. I think he knows what I drive. GREAT!


Blogger Tracy Fennell said...

Hmmm, what a crock.

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