Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Almost Done

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(in an observation booth, at UT with a fellow grad student)

This is my last week of school!!!!!

Tonight, I will be going to the last class I will ever take as a graduate student!!!!!

I am done with my masters report (it’s like a thesis, but I collect other people’s data), but I have to go through a pain in the ass process of getting it approved. The deadline for doing so is Friday, May 4th at 5:00. Time is ticking.

I also have to make sure I have met all of my clinical and educational competences and hours. This is another pain in the ass process.

Oh, and I have one final I need to take. I think it will be an easy one. I have all of finals week to do it, but I want it done by this Friday (it’s an online test). Cross your fingers.

I am beginning to get the butterflies in my tummy. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a little, pin hole kind of light but I see it. Pretty soon, I will be free to:

- sit by the pool and read a book at my leisure

-watch T.V. again, without guilt (I gotta catch up on Lost and 30 Rock).

-read whatever I want to read, and not just books and papers related to my field

-sleep in, past 5:30a.m.

-take road trips on the weekend

-get rid of this freakin’ stress (my neck and stomach are killing me)

-make money

-give my money back to the government (thank you, FAFSA)

-go to sleep easily on Sunday nights

-cook meals for my husband

-go to the grocery store


I just need to get through this week. It’s going to be a tough one.

Graduation is May 19th. Holla!


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