Friday, March 27, 2009

Dan Auerbach and The Fast Five Killed SXSW (Bill's Place)

I thought about calling this blog, Dan Auerbach Ruined SXSW 2009 but I thought you might get the wrong Idea. I'll explain that title later. For now, let's get this started.

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I was sitting on the railing of the deck when Reyna spotted Dan Auerbach. Juan practically pushed me off the railing and told me "get up there, girl!" I held my camera high and made my way to the front like I was official...and it worked. They had taped off a small section in front of the stage so that the band could unload all of their gear:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was checking out the various amps and things when I felt a hand at my waist followed by a polite voice saying, "excuse me." I moved aside to let the person pass and quickly noticed that it was Dan. Crazy. The band moved everything on to the small stage and then the tape was removed allowing the crowd to scoot up as close to the band as possible.
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I was in the front row, right in front of Dan and Rene Villanueva of Hacienda. Listen, I was so close to Dan Auerbach that I think I may have gotten pregnant with his rock-n-roll, red bearded, guitar grinding love child.

Right before they began to play, Dan announced that he and the band were far too drunk to be performing but that they would do so anyway. He said it was not your typical SXSW showcase and boy was he right about that. Here he is making the announcement:
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And then, they began to kick ass:
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Let me ask you a question. Can you smell the pungent aroma of tequila seeping through your computer screens? Dan Auerbach and the Fast Five were tossing that stuff back like it was free. I thought for sure the smell would seep into the mega pixels.
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For several members of the audience, the tequila was free. See, Dan believes in sharing. He would open a new bottle, take a few swigs, and then hand it to an audience member with orders to "pass it around."
Dale drank from every bottle.

Oh, and would you like to know who was playing the bongos and the "sexy maracas?"
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None other than Patrick Hallahan from My Morning Jacket. He tried to give me one of those maracas so that I could shake it like there was no tomorrow but the dude behind me snagged it. He specifically said, "It's for her" and pointed to me. It's cool. I had my hips to shake.

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It was impossible to stand still during the show. You had to dance, especially when they played songs like I Want Some More and Street Walkin'. Dan would stand with his legs wide and roll his shoulders forward, one at a time. It was infectious. Once he started doing that, you had to move (if you weren't already).

So there I am- happily taking pictures, dancing, smiling, and occasionally shouting. The next thing I know, Dan steps forward and grabs my dress strap and gives it a little tug.

Holy shit.

I just looked at him and stood there.

He quickly realized that he had the wrong strap. He was going for my camera strap so that he could take it off of me and use it to take a picture of the audience.

He gave my camera strap a little pull and I gave that sucker up without a second thought. He took three photos. Two of the audience and one of me.

Yeah, it's too bad the flash was not turned on:
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The audience went crazy when he took their picture. When he gave my camera back to me, people started shaking me and patting me on my back. I looked over at Reyna and I am positive that my eyes were as big as saucers.

I can't possibly fit everything into one post. Come back soon to read the second installment.


Blogger "Miss Bee" said...

You need to do a whole scrapbook over Bill's Place. Looks like you were in a great spot!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

i love mmj. i can't believe he was playing the maracas.

oh, how i long for an awesome show. sxsw... aaahhhh.

6:40 PM  

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