Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I have completed my first cross stitch project.
 photo IMG_3338_zps827edb3c.jpg
Well, it's the first one I have completed in my adult life. When I was a kiddo, my best friend's mother taught us both how to cross-stitch during Deacon Weekend.
(Deacon Weekend was a retreat weekend for Catholic Deacons and their families>)

In between viewings of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and going outside for nature walks, Miss Bee and I would sit down and cross stich as her mother looked on giving help and advice when necessary. The piece of advice I remember most was that we should only cross stitch when we are in the mood. Miss Bee's mom said the second we started to lose focus during our cross stitch we were to put it down and walk away. People tend to rush when they lose focus and mistakes are made when one rushes through their work. Cleaning up a cross stitch mess can be a challenge, so why not try and avoid them all together?

I think this advice applies to most projects one takes on.

Carpenters say, "measure twice and cut once."

Same thing.

: )


Blogger Miss Bee said...

Ha! I don't remember my mom saying that. I'm glad that you do. Your first adult project turned out beautifully!

7:21 PM  

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