Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Office Decor

So I have this on my office wall:
bligblog239 photo bligblog239.jpg

No, I'm not referring to the glittery guitar that makes me happy because I like both glitter and guitars.  I am talking about the disembodied arms!
 photo bligblog238.jpg

Those arms were once attached to a squishy pink and yellow frog. I have a lot of squishy toys because the students I work with tend to loooooooove anything they can squish. In fact, they might squishy your under arm if it catches your fancy (so I've heard).

Recently, I let a co-worker borrow a few toys including Mr. Squishy Frog. The day after she borrowed them, she became ill and was out for a week. Because she was not able to return my toys before she went home sick, I went to retrieve them from her office. I found Mr. Squishy Frog on top of her desk. His arms were placed neatly beside him. I had to laugh as I collected the frog and his arms. The student she was working with just pulled those arms as far as he could until they snapped right off.

 I pinned them to my wall as a reminder that kids are unpredictable. You give them a  toy that was made for squishing thinking they will go ahead an squish. Everything about it screams "squish me!" Other kids love squishing the toy. You love squishing the toy. Naturally, this kid will love to squish the toy...right?

Nope. He wants to stretch.


Blogger Miss Bee said...

Ha! I can actually imagine the satisfaction of pulling those arms off.

7:55 PM  

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