Saturday, March 02, 2013

Flat Stanley: The Adventure Begins

Flat Stanley was recently our guest.
Who is Flat Stanley? Typically, a child is assigned Flat Stanley as a school project. He/she sends Stanley out to family and friends that live in different places. The host family takes Flat Stanley out to experience the town he is visiting. Then, the host family sends FS back to the kid along with pictures and a letter describing Flat Stanley's experience.

I was pretty excited about participating in the Flat Stanley project. I knew it would mean that Dale and I would have to do some fun things in Austin. I decided against visiting the obvious Austin landmarks (the capital building, The UT Tower, ets) and go with a more unique experience. 

The first place we took FS was The Noble Pig for breakfast. 
 photo fs42_zpse21abbe9.jpg
 photo fs41_zpsdf03fbb8.jpg
John Bates (co-owner/co-chef) was kind enough to hold FL up on the menu board. What a nice fella. He and Brandon Martinez opened the Noble Pig in 2010. Since then,it has built up a loyal following of very satisfied customers.  It has also been featured on a couple of Food Network shows. Dale and I love this place. If you have never been, you really should go. Call Dale and I first and we will go with you. 

After breakfast, we traveled to South Austin to visit The Cathedral of Junk. 
 photo fs40_zps6ffd0c6e.jpg

The owner and creator of The Cathedral is Vince Hannemann. Here he is holding FS:
 photo fs22_zpscb0bf657.jpg
 Vince began building the Cathedral in 1998. You can read all about his creation in the book Weird Texas, or just by searching The Cathedral of Junk online. Many articles have been written about Vince and his creation. 
Dale and I have lived in Austin for 13 years now and this was the first time we visited the Cathedral. I can't wait to go back when I have my nieces this summer. 
 photo fs37_zps89766e4b.jpg
 photo fs36_zps3247f18f.jpg
 photo fs35_zps83cbecd1.jpg
 photo fs34_zps114f8ffb.jpg
 photo fs32_zps94d5138b.jpg
There is so much to look at and discover! He has areas dedicated to color, areas dedicated to old technology, areas dedicated to toys, and on and on and on. 
 photo fs31_zpsbfefed98.jpg
 photo fs28_zpsa4d9d4d0.jpg
 photo fs25_zpsd4bae658.jpg
 photo fs24_zps954a0e94.jpg
 photo fs21_zpsf0c178a6.jpg

If you visit Vince and his Cathedral, remember to bring a little cash for his donation box. He is really cool to allow anybody and their grandmother into his back yard. Be cool back and slip him a little cash for his kindess. 

I'll post part two of Flat Stanley's Austin Adventure soon. Mmmm-kay?


Blogger Miss Bee said...

So fun! I was wondering what prompted you to do all those awesome things in one day! I want to go to the Cathedral of Junk - looks so fun!

I need to send out a request for a flat stanley so I make myself get out and do some of the things I've been meaning to!

9:26 AM  

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